ISWA HAEE conference programme – 3 October

The transition to a circular economy presents opportunities and challenges for waste management. The experience gained, and technologies developed in the European industry can help the transition to sound waste management in many parts of the world.

The conference will focus on how prevention, reuse and recovery can be implemented in practice and on presenting good practices. As the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan define our ambitious targets and drive us towards a carbon-neutral continent, in our backyards, illegal dumpsites and polluted rivers highlight our urgent tasks and obligations.

ISWA is an international network of waste management professionals and experts worldwide with the mission „To promote and develop sustainable and professional waste management and to facilitate the transition to a circular economy”. With their help, we will get a big picture of the global trends and status quo to deep-dive into regional challenges and upcoming tasks later.

Following the conference, we also plan to organise a workshop of the ISWA Regional Chapter for Southeast Europe, inviting countries from the region to participate and brainstorm about cooperation and common project ideas.

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51.000 Ft+Áfa

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68.000 Ft+Áfa

Moderator: dr. Krisztina Wégner, international waste management expert


Greetings by the Hungarian Ministry of Energy (15’) – Anikó Raisz, State Secretary for the Environment and the Circular Economy


Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker Mr. Arne Ragossnig, Vice-President of ISWA

Global trends and the ISWA vision – key messages from ISWA World Congress (20’) – Mr. Arne Ragossnig, Vice-President of ISWA


Developing a circular economy strategy – The key findings of the Slovak, Hungarian, and Czech studies (25’) – Katarina Svatikova, Policy Analyst Circular Economy at OECD


Circularity and funding in the Accession countries (25’) – Steffen Hudolin, Head of Cooperation in the EU Delegation to North Macedonia


Overview of the Southeast European countries and how an international organisation can boost circular economy (20’) – Goran Vujic, Professor, Chair of Environmental Engineering, University of Novi Sad
Former Regional Chapter Representative for ISWA Southeast Europe


How can we meet plastic recycling targets and tackle the challenges? (20’) Bernard Merkx, CEO/owner, GreenWavePlastics; Honorary President, Plastic Recyclers Europe; Director General, European Plastic Converters; Co-founder, WasteFreeOceans


The role of digitalisation for circular economy (20’) – Dr. Felix Badura, Managing Director, Digi-Cycle GmbH


Key issues of waste management in the West Balkans (20’) – Mihail Mateski, Co-Founder & President, MaSWA – Macedonian Solid Waste Association


Polluter pays principle – how to calculate the actual costs of Waste management and who pays the bill (20’) Aleksandra Vučinić Anić, CROWMA – Croatian Waste Management Association


Waste management in challenging times (20’) – Ruslan Shvarts, managing director, LLC Zakarpatekovtorsyrovyna


Policy Guidance on Tackling Riverine Plastic Pollution in the Danube River Basin (20’) – Gergely Hankó, managing director, HAEE; vice-president of the Hungarian National Membership at ISWA

15.30    Closing remarks

Visiting the expo, networking