World brands, market leaders, small and medium-sized companies at the same time in one place at HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.

Date: 19-22 OCTOBER 2020

Simultaneous event:
8th International Trade Exhibition for Automotive Industry Suppliers

HUNGEXPO is waiting for visitors at its autumn events!
We are working on providing the environment and conditions that minimize the risks of the epidemic during the opening hours of exhibitions

In recent month, we have restructured the rules of procedure, compiled a POST-COVID Handbook and we have established rules of entry for the visitors of the events of HUNGEXPO.
The Handbook contains the centrally regulated fundamental hygiene rules, helps to comply with these rules, minimizes the risk of infection during business meetings, conferences and exhibitions held in the Exhibition Center.

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This year the INDUSTRY DAYS International Industrial Trade Exhibition and the AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY International Trade Exhibition for Automotive Industry Suppliers will be held at the same time and same place.

Today’s significant trends, such as Industry 4.0, digitalisation or automation are appearing in all fields of the industry, and no industrial sector, nor industrial companies should ignore the changes, they must adapt to market conditions. Taking adventage of the existing industrial synergies and utilizing cooperations made among industrial players in this competition are very important.
A uniqe possibility is provided by these two exhibitions organised at the same time and same place, in October 2020, in HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.

Numerous companies have sent their applications for the exhibitions, because they consider the participation in these events important, they count on the professional visitors and business partners who come here.

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Compared to 2018, INDUSTRY DAYS exhibition had an increased number of exhibitors and visitors in HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center on May 15-18. Over 12 thousand people wanted to see what the 315 exhibitors from 15 countries had to offer in the year’s key industrial event. This number means a 20 per cent growth compared to Industry Days 2016.
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