Despite the lower exhibitor and visitor turnout due to the coronavirus, the participants still had positive views on the recently concluded INDUSTRY DAYS International Industrial Trade Exhibition, which was concurrently hosted on this occasion with the AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY International Trade Exhibition for Automotive Industry Suppliers at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center. The business partners agreed that re-launching the economy depends, amongst other things, on whether companies find networking opportunities such as those offered by the current event. The organizers of the exhibition introduced exceptionally strict health and hygienic measures which were observed to minimise the risk of infection.

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The greatest industrial muster of the region grew with the same degree as the performance of the Hungarian industry over the last five years. This year, four pavilions hosted 562 exhibitors from 20 countries at the MACH TECH Industry Days 2019 collection of international industrial trade exhibitions at Hungexpo from 14-17 May. Over 18 thousand visitors attended the event.

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The breakdown of exhibitors changes year after year, yet there’s a clear trend: there is a sharp increase in the share of companies presenting robot technologies and exhibitors presenting machine control, corporate governance and logistics software. This year, 562 exhibitors displayed 1,100 tons of machines in the four Hungexpo exhibition halls.
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The exhibition organizers again placed a great deal of emphasis on professional events. From the range of these attractions, the Ministry for Innovation and Technologys Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform Conference, focusing on the subject of artificial intelligence, received particular attention. The presenters included such prestigious experts as Professor John Montgomery of the Indiana University (USA) and Fazel Ansari, the Deputy Head of the Research Group of Smart and Knowledge-Based Maintenance, who talked about the “self-healing” processes of artificial intelligence-based machines.

There was a great deal of interest in the other conferences and round table discussions related to the exhibition, featuring themes such as 3D printing, workplace security, pressure equipment, the railway vehicle industry and anti-pollution solutions.

Two international delegations visited the collection of exhibitions, as organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba and the Czech-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.



Hungexpo Zrt. has been organizing industrial professional exhibitions for 25 years. Year after year, it has been gathering companies and providing an opportunity for the representatives of the various branches of industry to introduce themselves, thus allowing the resulting exhibition to provide a comprehensive overview of the operation of the industrial sector and its novelties and serving as an occasion to conclude business transactions.

At this year’s INDUSTRY DAYS, 315 exhibitors from 15 countries (including 51 foreign companies) presented their products and services covering all the themes of the exhibition, which shows a 10% increase compared to the event in 2016. The greatest industrial muster of the country was attended by 22% more visitors than last year with a total of 12,227 professionals.

The festive opening ceremony took place at 9 am on 15 May 2018.
The guests were welcomed by the speeches of the Ministry for National Economy’s (NGM) Minister of State for Economic Development and Regulation István Lepsényi as well as Gábor Ganczer, CEO of HUNGEXPO Zrt.
Our GRAND PRIX competition was again announced in 2018, featuring submissions from firms offering some form of novelty or innovation, including products, services, processes and technologies from their respective branch or industrial segment. The submitted documents were reviewed by a jury of professionals, whilst the awards were presented by Dr. János Takács, President of GTE to the representatives of KRL Kontrol Kft., Lasram Engineering Kft., Stratasys GmbH, KL-System Kft., KLÜBER Austria GmbH and IVM Zrt.

Subsequent to the opening ceremony, the now-traditional Industry 4.0 conference commenced, with expanded themes, prestigious foreign and Hungarian presenters, as hosted by the Ministry for National economy and the Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform.
The lectures of Jungheinrich Hungária Kft. also dealt with the exhibition’s highlighted subject, INDUSTRY 4.0, which on this occasion was entitled “Automated warehousing solutions for in-factory handling of materials”, related to intralogistics.

Visitors had the chance to attend two conferences in the subject of energetics, hosted by the Budapest and Pest Country Chamber of Engineers and the Hungarian Energetics Society which were announced for professionals.
The presentations of VARINEX Zrt. demonstrated wide-ranging engineering services in the service of future creations along with industrial 3D printing technologies.
This supplier forum returned this year, as hosted by the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and MAJOSZ. Participants reported a great number of concluded agreements and intense interest.
During the exhibition, visitors had a chance to get acquainted with the free SME-development services of the highlighted “Industry 4.0 Model factories” project jointly coordinated by IFKA and IVSZ, survey the Industry 4.0 developments of their firm and apply for the program. Additionally, the results of the “High Growth Companies” (or HGC) program were on display, allowing similar firms to join the program.
The Bay Zoltán Research Center staged a separate event focusing on the highlighted theme of Industry 4.0, as well as research programs and international business development. The lectures presented best practices through international and domestic examples.

As customary, the TECHTOGETHER – the competition of higher education engineer students – attracted a great deal of attention, as hosted by the Scientific Society for Mechanical Engineering (GTE) and This year, a record number of entrants attended the event: 18 teams from 8 different higher educational institutions applied for the competition. The winner was the SZTE Airrari 1 team. 2. BME Formula Racing Team, 3. Szombathelyi Gépész.

On the third day of the INDUSTRY DAYS, Linde Anyagmozgatási Kft. staged its highly successful event, the 10th Forklift Cup. Forklift operators from all over the country came to attend the competition, where they put their skill and knowledge to the test. There was a lot at stake, as the top 3 finalists will represent Hungary at the International Forklift Cup – hosted in Germany in September. Thanks to the positive feedback over the recent years, this year over 200 competitors attended the event


The success of the exhibition is shown by the fact that numerous small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies took their place in the pavilion, and even in response to the needs we had to expand the exhibitor area and the conference rooms were put into a new pavilion.
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In 2018 Ministry for National Economy and Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform organized again Industry 4.0 Conference, with extended themes, and renowned foreign and Hungarian performers. Key topics of the conference are: cyber-physical systems, digitalisation through the whole supply chain, future of Industrial IoT network and dual and cooperative education models

In addition to the wide range of exhibitors, numerous programs, conferences, presentations, engineering training and professional presentations awaited visitors, including energy, digitization, industry 4.0, logistics 4.0, automated warehouse solutions or 3D printing topics.

Linde Forklift Cup

Jungheinrich self-propelled forklift demonstration