“The basic concept as a guest of honour was to try to showcase the next generation of Olympians in Hungary, or, to simplify the exhibition’s creative concept, the Olympians of the future.
In my opinion, it was a success, because in addition by giving young people the opportunity to present themselves and show their boats, many of them were able to use these few days to promote their own boat class, and even to recruit competitors for that class. I was particularly pleased to see a large number of people who were interested in sailing and who were just starting out in the world of sailing.
And on the third day of the exhibition, we practically had a spontaneous youth workshop, as competitors who were not among our exhibitors came to share their experiences, their experiences and their opinions about the boats. Both from our athletes, coaches, club leaders and visitors, we receive feedback that we should create a tradition and make such or similar appearances more frequent.”
István Szépvölgyi, Hungarian Sailing Academy – Sail at Home tourism programme

“To summarize in a few sentences, the Budapest Boat Show held between 22 and 25 February 2024 was a milestone in the history of Royal Spa Hungary Ltd. in many aspects.
We have been exhibiting our ROYAL CRAFT electric boats for many years now, and we can now proudly say that we produce three types of electric boats with unique formal and technical content both in the Hungarian and international boatbuilding industry.
Our newest product, the ROYAL CRAFT 24, debuted at the Boat Show and won second place in the novelty competition, as well as the best domestic special award.  The quality of the exhibition and the organisation were excellent. The Hungexpo management worked for months with boundless professionalism to make the Boat Show the best it could be.
In my opinion, the number of visitors was similar to last year, so we were able to meet our target sales figure. Our 120 m2 stand was in the best possible location, practically in the geometric centre of Pavilion G. For us, this was important because it allowed us to walk around our boats comfortably. We are infinitely grateful to the Hungexpo management for the excellent organisation. We will see you again in 2025 with a new development!”
Georgina Nyőgéri, Royal Spa Hungary Ltd.