Hungarian Precision Animal Husbandry Association

The Hungarian Precision Animal Husbandry Association was established in May 2023.

Our goal is to spread the possibilities of precision animal breeding in Hungary , to connect the researchers, developers, manufacturers and users of precision solutions in order to ensure that the right amount and quality of healthy food of animal origin reaches the consumers, while the production takes into account the well-being of the animals , which is ensured by the Earth’s natural the preservation of its resources and biodiversity, a sustainable and livable environment.

To achieve our goals, the association aims to serve as a hub, connecting research and production processes, as well as processing, trading, and consumer groups, to facilitate efficient collaboration and successful management.

Precision (modern, efficient, effective) solutions allow for a much finer, more sensitive, and accurate understanding of animals, their environment, and the impact of farming on nature.

By processing digital data obtained during production, it becomes possible to produce animal-derived foods more economically, with interventions that consider a smaller yet more comprehensive set of factors to meet human needs. These foods align with the conditions outlined in the association’s goals.