Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences

The Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (MATE) is one of Europe’s largest agricultural-focused higher education institutions. Across its five campuses in Gödöllő, Buda, Kaposvár, Keszthely, and Gyöngyös, as well as numerous training locations, it offers high-quality, continuously updated education to its students in line with the technological challenges of the 21st century. MATE’s goal is to contribute to Hungary’s economic and social development, as well as the reconstruction and development of rural areas and agriculture through its outstanding educational, research, innovation, and consultancy activities. In terms of educational areas, it provides modern, comprehensive knowledge in agricultural, environmental science, nature conservation, artistic, economic, technical, and pedagogical fields.

MATE places special emphasis on animal husbandry, sustainability, and environmental awareness, incorporating more green solutions into its teaching and research activities. In addition to teaching and researching traditional areas of animal husbandry, it also engages in modern, emerging fields that address contemporary challenges (such as precision and sustainable animal husbandry, animal breeding biotechnology, animal breeding genomics, one health, etc.). It considers its mission to be shaping mindsets, applying and educating on innovative solutions, and nurturing future generations.