Hungarian Animals Breeders Association

“Our aim is to ensure that Hungarian animal husbandry not only has a glorious past but also a successful future!”

Through its member organizations, The Hungarian Animals Breeders Association (HABA) encompasses a significant portion of the players in the animal breeding sector, including breeders and keepers of domestic pig, cattle, horse, sheep, goat, indigenous poultry, bee, rabbit, and chinchilla species.

Established in 1995 by four associations representing cattle, horse, pig, and sheep breeders, the umbrella organization has since expanded significantly in terms of both member organizations and individual members. Today, we integrate approximately 12,000 members from 40 breeding organizations, representing the backbone of Hungarian animal husbandry.

The association is the most comprehensive professional organization in Hungary’s animal husbandry sector, with its primary goal being to promote the protection and development of the genetic foundations of animal breeding. It also aims to facilitate effective cooperation among animal breeders and producers to ensure the country’s food security and serve export markets.

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Dr. Zsombor Wagenhoffer
Executive Director