“Ancient heritage, inherited by one, but not all. Ancient fight, a lust for searching, observation, a hunger for learning, for adventure, a passion for collecting, a love of forests, fields and sedges.”
(István Fekete)

FeHoVa in 2021 again!

Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition
will be organised for the 28th time
between 18-21 March 2021
in HUNGEXPO Congress and Exhibition Center.

In addition to the preparations for FeHoVa 2021, HUNGEXPO is also working to provide the environment and conditions that minimize the risks of the epidemic during the exhibitions.

HUNGEXPO has compiled a POST-COVID Handbook and defined rules of entry for the visitors of the events of HUNGEXPO. The Handbook contains the centrally regulated fundamental hygiene rules, helps to comply with these rules, minimizes the risk of infection during business meetings, conferences, and exhibitions held in the Exhibition Center.

More: COVID-19 information

Simultaneous events:

Budapest Boat Show

Caravan Salon

Review 2020

International exhibitors and visitors, wide range of accompanying events and great offers are the three essential parts which make FeHoVa’s atmosphere so special. All about weapon – gunsmith companies, arms dealers, and bow manufacterers. All about fishing – baits, fishing rods, famous anglers. All about hunting – broad range of different accessories from clothes, through whistles to knifes. All about experience – tour organisers are also waiting for the visitors between 13-16 February 2020 at HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center.
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We hope that we can welcome you again at next year’s event!