Event audio service

Professional audio service for conferences and company events with experienced technician team. Whether it is a film audio, live rock concert, award show or any other event on stage, we offer a comprehensive service from planning to implementation.

Visual technology

From outdoor video mapping and indoor panoramic screening to interactive touchscreens and giant LED walls, we offer many solutions to create outstanding visual for your event or stand. Unique content production, modern visual solutions and equipment as well as professional background, garantees the perfect look.

Lighting and stage technology

Video mapping, stage lights, highlighting stands or event programs, and light decoration with full digital background and broad range of equipment.

Built section rooms

Hungexpo uses a special sound insulation system to set up temporary conference rooms. This procedure allows us to offer unlimited flexibility in terms of creating rooms of different sizes within the pavilion based on the customer’s needs.

The rooms are built of 140 x 300 cm black, inter- connectible panels which are attached suspended on lightbars on the grid structure of the pavilion or other venues, so the height of the rooms can be 4.4 or 6 metres. To provide an aesthetic look and additional sound insulation, we cover both sides of the walls with black curtains.

The ceiling of the room is equipped with a sound absorbing fabric to prevent sound reflection from the roof structure. The fabric is perfectly fitted with lightbars which are set lengthwise in the middle of each room. They also serve as an internal attachment point.

We can provide ventilation from the outside air or, if the venue’s characteristics allow for it, from a reserve of processed air. The local air ventilation system is connected into the room with plastic tubes, and the same technology allows us to vent the used air as well.

Virtual and digital event service

We provide aid for the IT and audio-visual realization of conferences, exhibitions and company meetings in the online space, to make your company’s events available all around the world.

We recommend our live stream service primarily to supplement physical events, so our partners’ events reach the widest range of audience as soon as possible, without geographical or time constraints.