The innovative, experience- and solution-oriented METRO stand will showcase a wide range of materials, tools and services during the 3 days of the trade fair.

Their aim is to turn their knowledge, observations and experience into turnkey solutions that will make the everyday lives of hospitality workers smoother and move the sector forward. At our stand, 314 colourful activities throughout the 3 days will ensure that our visitors can indulge their thirst for knowledge and curiosity and showcase our inspiring gastronomic solutions.

On 800 square metres, their complete solutions are presented in themed islands, in a welcoming environment for practising and future professionals an inspiring setting to the hospitality industry. In most areas of the stand, visitors can see products and services developed for different areas in action.

Discover the METRO Café, Pub, Breakfast & Brunch, Food Truck, Bistro, Pizza & Pasta and Ultra Fresh solutions!


A short break in the rush, a thought-provoking conversation with a good friend, an informal meeting with a business partner? What better place than a café?

A cup of hot drink and a pastry or ice cream will reinvigorate your creativity and give wings to positive thoughts. METRO Coffee Island proves that running a café can be even more economical!

As their partner, you’ll be able to set up and run a café, bakery or pastry shop with an attractive range of products from scratch.

Explore the rich hot drinks assortment, discover the own-brand cakes ready to serve – which you can even personalise with toppings and fruits – taste their own-brand ice cream and ice cream specialities!

Programmes on the stand:

  • RIOBA tasting
  • METRO CHEF ice cream, sorbet tasting
  • Coffee tasting

METRO Bistro

Built on the intellectual base of the METRO Gastronomy Academy, this casual bistro gives guests an accurate picture of how METRO envisions the restaurants of the future!

Automated processes make the days of the kitchen staff, who use seasonal ingredients to create sustainable gastronomy, easier. DISH by METRO software and apps will take care of guests’ reservations, while Bence Dalnoki Bocuse d’Or bronze medal-winning chef and METRO’s own brand ambassador will serve his culinary creations with an automated solution.

As a knowledge-sharing and training centre for modern catering, the METRO Gastronomy Academy prepares professionals in the sector for success not only with professional food preparation courses, but also with methodological materials, professional forums and conferences.

METRO Food Truck

Do you want to run a trendy restaurant with a small staff, but still able to handle a lot of traffic? Then the popular street food buffets, even for takeaways, are for you!

There are three food trucks parked in the METRO food court: one offering Mexican fast food, one offering Asian dishes and one offering fried products.

Not only the ingredients, but also all the kitchen equipment in the food trucks praise METRO’s solution-oriented developments. See how efficiently these cool buffets with only a few staff can serve their customers with varied and healthy food using METRO products!

Programmes on the stand:

  • Asian food from soups to desserts
  • Mexican food tasting
  • Snacks and finger food tasting

METRO Market

The oasis of their exhibition area is a colourful circular arena showcasing METRO’s ultra-fresh range.

Their fruit, vegetables, meat and fish products meet the high-quality standards of the catering industry – they know how much their guests want dishes made with the freshest possible ingredients, so they make sure their partners have something to farm!

n addition to the season’s stars, the fruit and vegetable offer also includes specialities. Their products include vitamin-rich microgreens and fragrant herbs.

Sustainability and traceability are the guiding principles behind the design of their meat and fish range: they know not only the quality of their ingredients, but also their history. Our 12 freshwater fish species are sustainably sourced from Hungary and delivered to your refrigerated counters, while our seafood and seafood offerings are safely delivered to your stores within 48 hours of being caught, without interrupting the cold chain.

The gems of their meat selection are game meats, with a variety of healthy meats from local game farms – but steak fans will also find something for them in their impressive selection of beef from around the world.

What you will see at the stand:

  • Tropical fruits
  • Edible flowers
  • Various chillies
  • Edible meadow
  • Green shoots

Programmes on the stand:

  • Deer carving
  • Steaks demonstration
  • Salmon carving
  • Sashimi demonstration
  • Oyster challenge

METRO Breakfast and Brunch

The brunch buffet is particularly popular with accommodation bookers: not without reason, because whether you are looking for wellness, active tourism or sightseeing, the first hearty meal of the day is best enjoyed in the accommodation.

They offer a full buffet island, showcasing modern cuisine and a variety of healthy starters. With the dietary preferences of the younger generations in mind, their island also offers examples of protein and fibre-rich, low-calorie and plant-based dishes, among others.

The island is designed to be perfectly adaptable to the smallest details of the accommodation offering breakfast, using their products.

Programmes on the stand:

  • Tamagoyaki making
  • Finger food variations demonstration
  • Making hot breakfast dishes
  • Soup making
  • Dessert inspirations


A glass of quality drink can break down walls and build bridges and alliances.

It provides the basis for business meetings and intimate conversations, it starts conversations and closes disputes. Hungary has a tradition and culture of wine production and consumption of which we can be justly proud.

Their unique range of wines and beverages is specifically designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, based on their in-depth knowledge of the domestic and international markets. They offer complete solutions for the selection of items on the drinks list, as well as for the equipment and operation of a bar. Featuring the finest items on offer, the wine bar offers an inspiring environment for business meetings and drinks tastings in the Sirha bustle.

What you’re sure to see at the stand:

  • Tasting of more than 120 national and international wines
  • 120 international wine tastings
  • Sabrage presentation

METRO Pizza & Pasta

Maybe it’s the common colours of the national flags or the many gastronomic connections, but experience shows – as confirmed by the results of the 2022 What does the country eat? survey – that the Hungarians’ favourite international cuisine is Italian, and their favourite international dish is pizza.

For caterers promoting Italian cuisine, they offer a complete range of solutions, from pizza plates to pizza peelers and pizza heat bags. Not only do they help you stock up and provide kitchen utensils, they also help you plan for the long term: when planning your kitchen, it’s worthwhile to enlist the help of METRO experts for tailor-made solutions and cost-effective ideas. So they provide the ingredients and the tools, the Italian passion that drives the business is up to you!

Programmes on the stand:

  • Italian pasta demonstration and tasting
  • Anti pasta tasting

METRO Canteen

The gastronomic revolution has slowly but surely spread to the catering sector: kitchens catering for larger communities must now also consider their customers as guests. The basic expectation of today’s guests is to eat safe and healthy food in a sustainable way. METRO not only ensures that the canteen kitchens use high quality, traceable and bulky ingredients, but also that the staff have as little to do with these ingredients as possible.

Making catering an attractive alternative for the masses will also be a big step towards sustainability, as this segment of catering is particularly well planned, requires less packaging and has excellent ways of reducing waste. METRO is helping to make catering more popular by spreading good practices, providing training for those working in the sector and supplying quality, traceable, bulk ingredients!

Programmes at the stand:

  • KÖSZ 2023-2024 competition

Meet them in person at Hungexpo pavilion “A”!