HOMEDesign 2020
9th Home making trade exhibition

CONSTRUMA / HOMEDesign will be held in October!

The management of HUNGEXPO Ltd. – due to the increased spread of the corona virus, and its long term effects – decided to postpone CONSTRUMA and HOMEDesign exhibitions to autumn.

New date: 7-11 October, 2020

We are confident that we will be able to arrange it safely during this period, with the usual preparation and quality conditions. The exhibitions can also contribute to a more dynamic re-launch of the economy, including the construction industry, and we do our best to facilitate this.

Due to the further postponement the contracts of our exhibitors will be automatically valid for the new October date, and any deposit already invoiced and / or paid will be transferred to the new date as well.
The registrations of visitors or prepaid tickets will valid for the new date automatically as well.

The registrations of visitors or prepaid tickets will valid for the new date automatically as well.

Budapest, 6th April, 2020

Coronavirus – earlier news (03.11.)

The management of HUNGEXPO Ltd. – following the recommandation of the Hungarian Operational Corps – decided to postpone both Construma and HOMEDesign exhibitions. The new date: 10-14 June, 2020

As the spread of the coronavirus epidemic has worsened in recent days, as a responsible event organizer, we do not want to expose our exhibitors, visitors or staff to a potential risk of infection, so we decided to postpone it.

Regarding this force majeure situation, the HUNGEXPO Ltd., as organiser of these exhibitions, has set a new date so that Construma exhibition bunch can be organised safely in middle of June in the same quality and standards as it was in the previous years. In case of postponement due to the fource majeure, the contracts of our exhibitors for April will be automatically valid for the new date, and any deposit billed and/or paid will be transfer to the new date as well.

The registrations of visitors or prepaid tickets will valid for the new date automatically as well.

We are still waiting for you at our exhibition in June!

Budapest, 11th March, 2020


HOMEDesign exhibition is a continuously growing part of the CONSTRUMA assortment that enjoys increasing popularity amongst visitors as an exhibition that features everything from kitchen technology and bathrooms to living rooms and everything else necessary for creating a home interior.


HUNGEXPO strives to present the latest trends to visitors at its exhibitions. In the field of interior design, visitors can discover the latest interior decoration solutions, colours and styles in impressive interiors emulating the inside of apartments, created in cooperation with the National Association of Interior Designers. Numerous products of the exhibitors of the assortment will be installed at the stand, thus generating a range of new business opportunities. The stand simultaneously educates, plays a trendsetting role and provides visitors with a source of information and inspiration, offering market opportunities for participants, whilst promoting interior design counselling through the related services.


From the very beginning, the exhibition’s mission has been to provide an introductory platform for the domestic design profession. Every year, the professional element of the exhibition has been enhanced by the HUNGARIAN DESIGN stand, which features a display from the designs of an entire year, with numerous products debuting on this occasion. The items on display include prototypes, experimental pieces, limited series or individually commissioned furniture, luminaires, interior design accessories and decorative items. Every year, the stand provides opportunities for dozens of designers, while setting trends, shaping approaches and bringing Hungarian designs and international trends closer to the general audience and serving as a key meeting point for the trade alongside opportunities for discussion.


The Furniture Association considers HOMEDesign to be one of its key forums. They organize numerous professional events during the exhibition for the sake of promoting the domestic woodworking industry and furniture manufacturing. The association hosts its annual assembly at the exhibition in the form of a conference dealing with a timely theme. The WoodLike practical workshop helps bring the woodworking industry closer to the general audience. Beyond the permanent events, every year they offer additional content during the exhibition, involving the domestic furniture industry – including manufacturers or unique designers. For years, they’ve operated the Download Design project with MOME alongside the Green furniture miniature exhibit in 2019 that promoted sustainable furniture manufacturing.


Nearly 50 thousand visitors attended the recently concluded 38th CONSTRUMA homemaking exhibition bunch. 600 exhibitors from 20 countries presented their novelties at the top domestic construction industry event at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center. Apart from the CONSTRUMA and HOMEDesign exhibitions, the event in 2019 featured the bi-annual HUNGAROTHERM as part of the assortment of exhibitions, allowing professional visitors to gain an even wider base of information on novelties. Participants of the professional events tied to the exhibition discussed the rapid growth of the industry alongside labour shortage-related issues. MORE INFORMATION: HERE