Grand Prix

GRAND PRIX award 2024

According to our traditions on the INDUSTRY DAYS and MACH-TECH exhibitions, we reward the innovations with GRAND PRIX. Any nominee has a chance of the prize if it is a domestically distributed product, process, technical service which fits the theme of the exhibition. The applications will be judged by recognized experts, whose knowledge and objectivity ensure that the best products will be rewarded.


What are the benefits of winning the GRAND AWARD?

It directs attention onto your product

Increases confidence in your product among the target group

Helps customers make purchase choices

Strengthens marketing activities

Gives your product prestige, acknowledgement of the profession

Grand award-winning products receive much greater attention during the trade fair – the awards are presented to the winners at the opening ceremony, winners are listed on the website of the fair, and the winning products are displayed in a separate stand.