Hungexpo is expanding its international relations

Hungexpo C.Co. Ltd., the most important exhibition organizing company in Hungary and Central-Eastern Europe, is building a partner network in eighteen new countries, including Great Britain, Germany, Spain and France.

The aim is to get to know the Hungexpo Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center, which offers unique opportunities after the renovation to a wider audience than before.

Hungexpo Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center, which has undergone the most significant transformation in recent decades, now offers its partners more than 70,000 square meters of covered space and 36 hectares of free space. By 2021, the state-of-the-art conference center with 26 section rooms and a plenary room for up to 2,000 people was built to fill a decades-long gap. With the renewal of Hungexpo, Budapest will have the opportunity to host international congresses and conferences of all sizes, so it can occupy the place it deserves on the international stage. A short video on this:

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has posed a difficult task for the exhibitions and conference industry. Hungexpo also tried to meet these challenges. The success of the exhibitions in the virtual space was undeniable during the pandemic, but the Organization was constantly preparing to “return” and run live events. Recently, it has become clear that physical exhibitions and face-to-face meetings play a huge role in the development of business relationships, and virtual presentations cannot

replace, but just complete them. The main goal of Hungexpo is to provide more foreign companies with the opportunity to participate in its trade fairs, and the development of its international agency and representatives network will help in this.

Hungexpo has been present in some European countries (Italy, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia), but thanks to the partnership with one of the key consultants in the market, it can now boast its presence in the following 18 countries: Germany, – Austria, – Switzerland – England, – Ireland – Spain, – Portugal – France – Poland – Lithuania, – Latvia, – Estonia, – Ukraine, – Moldova – Belgium, – Netherlands, – Luxembourg – China.

The task of the international representatives network is to find new market opportunities, exhibitors, visitors for Hungexpo. Future partners can find out, through the new representatives and agents, which Hungexpo’s exhibition or event would be the most appropriate to introduce or do business in the Hungarian and regional markets. The support provided by the foreign representatives covers the operation of the customer’s stand, logistical assistance, overcoming language barriers, and mapping out possible funding opportunities. All foreign representatives work closely with local trade associations, institutions, the media and national governments.

The contact details of our representatives can be found here:

More information about Hungexpo C.Co. Ltd.’s exhibitions in 2022: