The 30th FeHoVa ended with great success again this year

The jubilee FeHoVa – the 30th Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition has ended. The continued great interest in the event was shows by the fact that as in the previous year, more than 38,000 visitors came to the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre.

200 exhibitors from 12 countries and from Hungary presented their new products at FeHoVa, the largest gathering of hunters, anglers and nature lovers in the region.

At the opening ceremony, Gábor Ganczer, CEO of HUNGEXPO Zrt., recalled the important role that FeHoVa plays in the lives of Hungarian hunters, anglers and nature lovers. He stressed that the exhibition has changed a lot in the last 30 years. The organisers are still constantly evaluating these changes in order to provide the participants with the highest quality content.  

Feedback from visitors shows that both the old and new elements of the exhibition have performed well.  Many visitors saw the Nadler exhibition, where the organisers brought a selection of the best Hungarian big game trophies from the 2021-2023 hunting seasons. A diorama showing the most beautiful trophies from four continents was a great success. An unusual biology lesson at the giant aquarium was a particular hit with young visitors to the exhibition.  

Visitors showed particular interest in the exhibition of unique works of art depicting nature and wild animals of Pál Csergezán, who was born 100 years ago.

Among the professional programmes, the National Chamber of Agriculture’s regular conference was a highlight, where a number of forest and wildlife experts discussed current issues in forest and wildlife management.

Every year, the Hunting Cultural Association and FeHoVa organise the FeHoVa Cup International Troat Competition, which was held for the 12th time, with great success. This time 7 Hungarian and 3 Slovakian competitors took part. The winner was József Kohl. The FeHoVa Cup is an important competition because it decides who will represent Hungary at the next international contest.

FeHoVa, which is now the only angling-themed exhibition before the season, once again provided a separate pavilion for the growing number of participants. Many people visited the Fishing Stage, the Aquarium and the Lure Fishing Pool, where fishing demonstrations, workshops and talks awaited visitors. They were able to meet members of the women’s fine tackle team, the men’s carp fishing team and the boat lure fishing team.

The public podcast recording of the Faces of the Shore was also a great success, where visitors could listen live to the three presenters, Iván Zombrácz and Viktor Pásztor. 

Anglers could also buy their fishing tickets at the MOHOSZ stand during the exhibition, where many of them also took their angling exams.

In the pavilions E and D, thousands of dogs and their owners met at the FeHoVa-MEOESZ International Dog Show, organised by the Federation of National Associations of Hungarian Dog Breeders, at the same time as the FeHoVa exhibition.