“ONE WITH NATURE” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition

Special game species, legendary hunters, Hungary’s largest exhibition aquarium, hunting dog shows, a cultural festival, FeHoVa (the International Weapons, Fishing and Hunting Exhibition) and OMÉK (the Hungarian Agriculture and Food Industry Exhibition and Fair), all combined with fairs and a walkway that guarantees an unforgettable gastronomic experience: for anyone who loves nature, the year’s largest nature event, the “One With Nature” World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition is the place to be!

The event is open between 25 September and 14 October 2021, at HUNGEXPO Budapest.

Across the entire Hungexpo site, in a total of eight pavilions, interactive exhibitions, virtual reality games, international presentations and dioramas will assist in presenting our planet’s extraordinary biosphere. In the Central Hungarian Exhibition we can discover fishing and hunting in our country with a promenade taking us through one thousand years of history, and nations from all over the world will present themselves in a separate exhibition hall.

World-famous experts will discuss the most topical themes on the stage of the World Conservation Forum in Pavilion A, where the main theme will be the sustainable use and conservation of nature

A variety of presentations are also important parts of the Exhibition: riders, falconers, bowhunters and hunters with dogs. At the Exhibition there will also be the opportunity to try out several VR games, which through play will reveal to them the beauties of nature and hunting – for instance, to explore Hungary’s virtual rural landscapes through the eyes of a falcon in flight.

We will be able to build up our strength for the day in the gastronomy walkway. Game meat and fish will also be central elements in one of the Exhibition’s highlighted fairs: OMÉK. The World Exhibition will provide an opportunity to make amends for the postponement of FeHoVa. At the World Exhibition, “FeHoVa Plus” will offer visitors an expanded range of content!

The largest nature exhibition of 2021 will also be the year’s largest dog-friendly event.


Person holding a permit for fishing in Hungary, valid on the day of entry.

Person holding a permit for hunting in Hungary, valid on the day of entry.

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