Liebherr 2019 ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Budapest

The world’s top players at Hungexpo. From 21 to 28 April, Budapest will be welcoming the best table-tennis players in the world. This is the fourth time the championships have been held in the Hungarian capital, and this year the event will take place at Hungexpo. The world championships will be organised by the Hungarian Table Tennis Association, under the authority of the International Table Tennis Federation.

During 8 days of competition, the public will be able to follow all the qualifying rounds right up to the finals, which will be played on 27 and 28 April. The event will be divided into several categories: Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

The competition will be held in four halls at Hungexpo. The finals will take place in the 9,500m² Hall G, where a large arena will be set up to receive up to 5,000 people. Hall F will house the VIP entrance, a playing area, a rest area, the press centre and the conference room. A part of Hall A will be set aside for players’ warm-up sessions, with the other section housing the spectator and competition area with a capacity of 2000 seats.

In Hall D, the organising committee has planned activities to be held in parallel with the championship so that families can put themselves in the athletes’ shoes. They will have the opportunity to learn about table tennis and be able to purchase equipment, sports clothing and souvenirs in various shops installed on site.

Audience entrance:
Through Gate I. (Expo square)

How to get to the venue:

  • By metro with metroline M2 to Örs vezér tere station, from there take bus 10 (see the daily schedule below), or by walk from Pillangó utca station (approx. 15 mins.).
  • By car from the direction of the city centre on Kerepesi avenue.
  • By train from Keleti railway station to Kőbánya felső station.
  • By bicycle from the direction of Kerepesi avenue on the Albertirsai avenue to Gate I.

Parking: Parking with cars will be possible on Albertirsai avenue, the inner parkinglot of HUNGEXPO will not be available during the event.

The official ticket sales partner of the World Table Tennis Championships is We ask the supporters to arrive to the event with tickets bought only through the official site.

The tickets from 21st April to 23rd April are pedestrian tickets which means free access to most of the audience sectors of pavilion A and of pavilion G.  The tickets for 24th April are pedestrian tickets which means free access to most of the audience sectors of pavilion A and some limited sectors of pavilion G.

The tickets from 25th April to 28th April provide free access to some limited sectors of pavilion G.

Children under 3 can enter the World Table Tennis Championships without tickets, but in this case they have to be seated on the lap of their parents/attendants.

Tickets can also purchased at the venue by card as well as by cash. If you choose cash, the official currency is Hungarian forint (HUF).

Entering the venue:

The organisers will check the tickets when entering and leaving the venue. With the daily and season tickets several entries will be possible only if those are also checked out. We ask all the supporters to keep their daily or season tickets because of this procedure.

From 25th April session tickets will be in use, between the two programs the area will be emptied.

At the entry examination of the lugagges are possible.

Only NOT professional cameras are allowed to use at the area of the venue.

During the event there will be no cloakroom or left lugagge office available!