Warning to avoid cooperation with International Fairs Directory / Expo Guide / / MULPOR Company S.R.L. and other companies

HUNGEXPO Zrt. hereby draws the attention of its exhibitors to fraud attempts by foreign companies. Frauds of this kind have occurred several times in recent years, many companies engaged in such activities have been established around the world under different names.

We have come to know that in recent days the International Fairs Directory has contacted our exhibitors in order to obtain information. Such letters may be accompanied by a payment order.

We always comply with the requirements of the GDPR, we never release the data of our partners, these contact details were obtained by the above companies from the Internet.

We strongly recommend our esteemed exhibitors to be careful with such letters. Avoid answering, paying and do not fill in the requested forms!

If you have any further questions, write a message to the e-mail address!

Budapest, 12/12/2023