FeHoVa successfully closed

As in past years, this year’s FeHoVa was a huge success. More than 55,000 visitors were interested in the Carpathian Basin’s most prominent fishing, hunting and arms event at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center, where 17 countries and nearly 300 exhibitors brought their portfolios. At the opening of the exhibition they signed the “One with nature” cooperation agreement of the World Hunting and Nature Expo 2021 (Hunting World Exhibition) and have announced that Hungexpo will be renovated for around 50 billion forints in the coming years.

Held between February 7 and 10, FeHoVa was again the traditional season opening event for hunters and anglers, to which the most important manufacturers and distributors had brought their new developments. Hunters, anglers and tens of thousands of nature-enthusiasts could try the newest tools and could meet the distinguished experts.

Novelty: the Taxidermist Competition
The organizers were awaiting the visitors with a number of novelties. In addition to the traditional trophy exhibition they presented “Rarities of the Continents” an exhibition of rare and unique game species from all over the world.
Carried out in cooperation with the Magyar Vadászlap and the ETC (European Taxidermy Championships), the first ever I. FeHoVa International Open Taxidermy Championship was a huge success. An international jury evaluated the projects of the 40 competitors at the competition.

Great interest was shown in the Hunting Horn Festival, the giant carp show at the Aquarium, state-owned forestry companies presenting their hunting and trekking grounds, the spectacular hunting dog breed and work show, the falconry show and the gastronomy presentations.

Visitors could listen to presentations by acclaimed foreign and local sport fishermen on the stages, and, of course, this years FeHoVa Cup International Troating Competition, which was the 8th of its kind on the hunting stage. Always popular with the crowds, it was shoulder to shoulder in the audience.

The organizers thought of the children too: organized by MOHOSZ, there were again a large number of participants in this year’s angling school teaching program.

One visitor to the 26th FeHoVa was the widow of earl Zsigmond Széchenyi, a traveler in Africa and hunter-writer, 93-year-old Margit Hertelendy, who, together with the visitors, watched parts of the grand nature documentary that was made for the 120th anniversary of the hunter-earl’s birthday.

They organized the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES competitive logging competition and show, along with the 7th FEHOVA-MEOESZ International Dog show at the same time as the exhibition at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center.  

Goal: world class
To restore Hungarian hunting, game management and hunting culture to its former glory, and for Hungary to become a hunting super power, important steps must be taken, said Zsolt Semjén, the Deputy Prime Minister at the opening of the 26th FeHoVa opening ceremony. As examples he mentioned the rationalization of the weapons act, strengthening the role of the Hungarian Hunters’ Chamber, along with setting up a game management fund of several billion forints. In regards to the Hunting World Exhibition being held in Hungary, the Deputy Prime Minister announced that they have registered the project companies responsible for organizing the exhibition in Hungary.
Zoltán Kovács, Government Commissioner, added that the government has earmarked nearly 50 billion forints to renovate the entire area of Hungexpo, which will grant the infrastructural and logistical foundations for international and world class events, such as 2021’s Hunting World Exhibition and 2020’s Eucharistic Congress.
Minister of Agriculture István Nagy emphasized at the event: hunting and angling are an important part of Hungarian tradition that not only provide relaxation and sport possibilities but fulfill a serious professional and economic function too. The cabinet head highlighted: the Ministry of Agriculture supports sustainable hunting by all means. Among other reasons, this was why they introduced policies that will make it possible to modify regional boundaries.
Gábor Ganczer, Chief Executive Officer of Hungexpo, emphasized the tightly woven community, saying: there are few communities as cohesive as the hunters and anglers, both forged together by passion – the director explained.
At the opening of the exhibition they signed the “One with nature” cooperation agreement of the World Hunting and Nature Expo (Hunting World Exhibition), which will be organized by Hungary in 2021 according to the plans.

Decreasing tension in agricultural and game management
The exhibition also hosted a number of professional discussions. Among them, the conference on the current issues of game management, organized by the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture, stood out. During this, among others, they talked about how introducing the new game damage assessment protocol may lead to balanced wildlife management. With this, the disorganized relationship of farmers and game managers could be placed within a legislative framework – said Minister of State for Land Affairs Márton Bitay. At the same place Balázs Győrffy, Director of NAK (Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture), said it is of utmost importance that all parties concerned focus on the prevention of wildlife damage in order to reduce and manage tensions. Regarding this, results can only be achieved through co-operation, continuous contact and mutual sharing of information, which is a duty for both parties under the new hunting law.

The audience also received information on how the appearance of the African swine fever virus affects local hunting.

More information can be found at the www.fehova.hu website, or can be requested at sajto1@hungexpo.hu e-mail address.