AGROmashEXPO 2022

The first large-scale exhibition of 2022 at the Hungexpo Budapest Congress and Exhibition Centre is closed. Although the visitor numbers of the 40th AGROmashEXPO were lower than usual – due to the epidemic –, nearly 200 satisfied exhibitors and fifteen thousand visitors confirmed the organizers’ decision that it was time to return from the virtual world to the real exhibitor space.

A decades-long tradition broked in 2021, when HUNGEXPO’s first exhibition of the year, the most significant meeting point of Hungarian agriculture, could only be organized in a virtual space because of the COVID-19. This is why this year’s event was especially important, according to the organizers.

“Most of our exhibitors noticed that although the epidemic closed one door, it opened another. Or so to speak: they were brave enough to adapting cleverly their appearance to the circumstances. They reappeared fully armed to their customers and partners.” said Gábor Ganczer, CEO of HUNGEXPO, at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. He added that the renewal of HUNGEXPO, which ended last year, will allow exhibitors to be received in an exhibition area twice as large as before.

The majority of the exhibitors also confirmed the decision of the organizers.

“We were looking forward to attending the exhibition. We wondered if that farmers would come. Based on the experience of four days, we can already say that we had a positive experience in this regard. It is true that there were fewer visitors than in previous exhibitions, but those who came were interested and many turned to colleagues for a business offer. I am sure that purchases will be realized as well soon. In retrospect, it is a good idea that we have come” said László Hatala, DM-Ker Nyrt.

Reinhardt Kappis, Sales Director of FrigorTec GmbH in Austria, who took part in the exhibition, emphasized that they had chosen to attend due to the wide range of AGROmashEXPO’s exhibitors and the large number of international visitors, and that they would definitely return to Budapest next year.

One of the hits of this year’s exhibition was the stand of Marton Genetics from Martonvásár. With the dismantling exhibition, including a real spaceship and the participation of the first Hungarian astronaut, Bertalan Farkas, it was shown that Hungarian agriculture and the related innovations and patents represent space technology in many respects. “Our company group made the best decision to participate in the 40th AGROmashEXPO. We represented our company’s ideology and we supported the success of the exhibition as well. Our participation in the event was a great success and we reached all of our goal formulated before” said Dr. Zoltán Balla, Head of Government and Corporate Relations at Marton Genetics.

Zsolt Feldman, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, said at the opening of the exhibition: Hungarian agriculture has begun to catch up substantially with its competitors in recent years. “This is also indicated by the fact that while it reached 41 per cent of the EU average productivity in 2010, it has now improved to 66 per cent. The Hungarian agriculture can be the winner of the following years, due to the significant sources which base the improvement. The tripling of rural development subsidies has opened up new dimensions for farmer” said the Secretary of State, adding that developments and applications to support digital solutions will continue to take precedence in the subsidy strategy for 2023.

According to the President of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (HCA), the development of agricultural technology is extraordinary, especially compared to the fact that farmers have gived over almost the same knowledge from generation to generation for centuries. Balázs Győrffy added that he considers it an important task of the chamber to show innovations to producers so that they can improve their productivity and thus gain more and more income.

Successful professional programs

The 40th AGROmashEXPO offered a great number of professional programs. Outstanding among these was the traditional field professional day of the Hungarian Grain Producers’ Association, where well-known agricultural experts discussed the challenges facing agriculture.

The Agricultural Marketing and Media Day of the Magyar Mezőgazdaság Kft., and the “What grows on the net?” marketing conference organized by the attracted many people again this year. The several professional roundtable discussions got special attention, including the Agricultural Economics Forum of the Portfolio Group, the conference on organic farming of the Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi), and the podium discussion on changes in agricultural laws by the Magyar Mezőgazdaság Kft.

For the first time, the exhibition featured the NAK TechLab, the long-term innovation program of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture, which focuses on the digital modernization of Hungarian agriculture. The aim of the program is to support the efficiency of Hungarian agriculture with the help of digitalization solutions through various and yet interconnected programs.

At the spectacular demonstrations of the PREGA AgRobot Show, participants were able to see the most exciting developments in agricultural robotics. Visitors were also able to get to know the current trends of Hungarian machine manufacturing thanks to the exhibitors of the Hungarian Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufactures.

Award-winning products

This year a large number of applications were received for the Innovation Award Domestic again. The main evaluation criteria included the novelty of the product, its impact on the environment, the innovative role of the product in agriculture and the value of its applicability in practice. The winners, selected by a jury of prominent representatives of Hungarian agriculture, could receive their prizes on the opening day of the event. (Grand prize and special prize products were on display at the exhibition.)

Grand prize winners:

  • KOMÁROMIGÉP Kft. – KG-6000
  • Austro Diesel GmbH. – Massey Ferguson 8S.265 Exclusive traktor

Special prize winners:

  • Affield Kft. – MachineryGuide NODE AutoSteer
  • FLIEGL ABDA Gépgyártó Kft. – FLIEGL PFW 27500 Alpha-Line
  • DM-KER Nyrt. – Agrifac Condor V.
  • FLIEGL ABDA Gépgyártó Kft. – FLIEGL KSE 680
  • ROYAL TRAKTOR ZRT. – FARMTRAC 25G 4WD full electric compact traktor

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