The 27th FeHoVa closed successfully

This year, the 27th FEHOVA, the greatest gathering of the hunters, anglers and nature-lovers of the Carpathian Basin, was concluded with over 50 thousand visitors. Nearly 300 exhibitors were present in the two pavilions of the HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center, including the biggest manufacturers and distributors, to present their products and services.

In this opening speech, Zsolt Semjén spoke of the reasonable and realistic gun law, the establishment of a new hunting law and the World Hunting Expo to be hosted next year in Hungary. The Deputy Prime Minister and President of the Hungarian Hunters’ Association felt they managed to establish a gun law that doesn’t affect the hunters, sports marksmen or arms collectors, yet still satisfies European Union requirements. In relation to the World Hunting Expo, he added that the government would provide the funds necessary for “the grand hosting of the exhibition”. Furthermore, he added that the event is a sensible investment from the perspective of the tourism industry and national economy considerations.

Minister of Agriculture István Nagy explained that the ministry would like everyone in the country to develop a respect and love for nature, therefore they will be devoting special attention to environmental schooling and the appropriate supply of information.

Zoltán Kovács, governmental commissioner for the hosting of the World Hunting and Nature Expo and the related series of events, explained that they are preparing a series of attractions for the event scheduled to take place between 25 September and 14 October 2021, providing an opportunity for all hunting and angling organizations to introduce themselves.

At the exhibition’s opening ceremony, Gábor Ganczer, CEO of Hungexpo Zrt. spoke, amongst other things, of how Hungexpo is hosting its exhibitions at the usual high level of quality during the ongoing revitalization works, including one of the most important events, FEHOVA, which has been attracting tens of thousands of visitors for years.

As customary, the National Chamber of Agriculture hosted its conference entitled “The current issues of wildlife management” on the first day of the exhibition, featuring regional development, forestry and wildlife management experts, including President of the Chamber Balázs Győrffy, Péter Zambór, the Ministry of Agriculture’s state secretary for forests and lands, Dr. László Jámbor, President of the Hungarian Hunters’ National Chamber and Péter Bajdik, chief secretary of the Hungarian Hunters’ National Chamber.

Conference participants received information on the legislative changes effecting wildlife management, the introduction of the new hunting card and the impact of the domestic appearance of African swine fever on hunting. Richárd Bors, managing director of One with Nature Nonprofit Kft. also spoke about the current issues of the 2021 World Hunting Expo.

Visitors could discover a range of novelties at the season-opening event of hunters and anglers. There was a great deal of interest in the presentation entitled Hunting trophies within and outside of the country, the commemorative exhibition on hunter-writer István Fekete, who passed away 50 years ago, as well as the display of the favourite arms of the 84 year-old Béla Hidvégi.

The screening hosted by the Takarék Group was also a highly popular event, where visitors had a chance to see the biographical documentary film WILDLIFE – in the footsteps of Count Zsigmond Széchenyi.

For the second time this year, the International Open Taxidermy Competition took place at the FEHOVA exhibition (with the involvement of Magyar Vadászlap and ETC), where participants could enter with the mounts of mammals, birds and fish. The competitions “best in show” award was won by Bohdan Vasiliev’s black bear.

As usual, this year’s event again featured the French Horn Festival (on the hunter stage on Saturday), concurrently with the VII Youth French Horn Solo Competition.

One of the most popular attractions at FEHOVA was the IX FEHOVA International Troating Championship Cup, which was won this year by Zoltán Búr, the 2019 European Champion.

The organizers again staged spectacular and engaging attractions for the anglers at three different venues – the Giant Aquarium, the Angler Stage and Show Pool. Many came looking for the new Energofish boat feeders displayed in a pool built for this purpose and over the course of four days a great number of people visited the Show Pool, where anglers received useful angling tips and tricks from top experts.

The MOHOSZ Angling School for children and exhaustion simulator again proved to be highly popular attractions.

Visitors had a chance to meet the members of the World Champion female angling team, the World Champion men’s feeder team as well as the members of the World Championship silver medal boat angling team.

The VIII FEHOVA-MEOESZ International Winterdogshow (CAC, CACIB) took place simultaneously to the FEHOVA exhibition, where the members of the jury evaluated hundreds of our four-legged friends.

Next year’s FeHoVa – Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition will take place between 11-14 February 2021.

Budapest, 16.02.2020