Case Study – Pharma Seminar 2018

Case Study – Pharma Seminar 2018

Date: 16-17 March 2018
Client: one of the biggest American pharmaceutical companies
Attendees: 2400
Venue: Hall A, G and D

Hungexpo won the opportunity to host a two-day semi-annual repetitive event of one of the biggest American pharmaceutical companies during the national holiday weekend of March on 30.000 sqm used event space across 3 halls.

2.100 people from 33 countries around the World were participated on the event compared the 1.800 which was the originally planned invited number at the beginning in 2017.

The event used a huge plenary session for all of the participants on 4.500 sqm in classroom style setup. During the 2 event days 4 sessions were held by professional speakers with unique AV equipment.

Furthermore 20 smaller workshop rooms have been built up by special soundproof temporary structure for 20-100 people where the different country meetings could be organized.

Despite stringent legal requirements for pharmaceutical companies in Hungary, Hungexpo found the possibility to present a high level quality seated buffet lunch and coffee breaks for 2.100 people between the sessions on more than 7.500 sqm.