Case study – KIA Pan-European Dealers Convention 2016

Case study – KIA Pan-European Dealers Convention 2016

Date: 12. January 2016
Client: Kia Motors Europe GmbH
Attendees: 2700
Venue: Hall G and Hall A

HUNGEXPO Budapest is proud to announce that one of the events we hosted and co-organised this year– the KIA European car dealer convention for 2700 attendees- was nominated in convention category at the eubea2016, the International Festival of Events and Live Communication. The event made it to the shortlist by the jury of one of the most prestigious event production awards of Europe. The event was organised by Joke Event AG and Innocean agencies at HUNGEXPO Budapest in January 2016.

Event objective: Introducing strategy and new products to the European market. Goals: appreciation for the achievements by the 2,700 guests, dealers and their engagement, their motivation in the coming years and the challenges of tomorrow, as well as providing information for future strategies and 12 new products.

Event flow:  The arrival and registration of the 2600 guests from 30+ countries of Europe was scheduled in the morning from 10-12noon. After registration and coat check in 3 dedicated areas in hall F, the dealers were invited to have lunch and enjoy some time together in a lounge set-up in Hall A. The convention started after lunch at 2pm when all guests had already arrived from the airport and the hotels.
The idea was based on time and spatial staging of KIA’s successful path to the future. It was clearly focussed on the future, strategy and new models, culminating with the slogan “READY FOR TOMORROW”. It linked with the specially designed media architecture for the path to the future.

A 9.500sqm hall G was used as a “black box” to spotlight the future with a step like set of projections. Screens and event technology were not concealed, but were only visible when they were activated.
A ‘sphere’ was created with a 70 meters long catwalk for new products, accompanied by this unique media- and light installation. This opened up real perspectives, which were exposed step by step during the event only by media. Physical and virtual dimensions illustrated the next steps of the customer journey in times of digital transformation – to develop an inspiring view to the approach of connected dealership.

The key visual was derived from the staged fundamental idea and the interior design. For the guests it was a surprising moment when they entered the main hall and experienced the development of the familiar visual with all of its dimensions and elements in 3D. During the conference a symbolic path opened progressively, taking at least over 70 meters in width and 130 meters in depth. With the first car reveal the space opened in depth, giving free 130 meters of track in space.

The conference took place 2-4.30pm. After the 2.5 hour spectacular presentation, all guest were taken by coaches to the hotels for a short afternoon break before returning to HUNGEXPO for the gala evening.

Between 5-8pm Hall G was reset for the gala dinner. The 70m long catwalk was removed, the screens adjusted and the stage now set to be used from the other side for the evening performance. 265 gala dinner tables and 3 kitchen areas were set-up ready for the gala evening in Hall G within 3 hours. Meanwhile the passage and 5000sqm area in Hall A was decorated and set up as a winter market to offer welcome drinks and appetisers in a casual atmosphere. The served gala dinner started at 9pm provided by HUNGEXPO catering followed by a party including a gin bar and live band music in Hall A.

The launched products and introduced strategies convinced and motivated the dealers, which was the clear feedback during and right after the event.

Michael Cole, COO of KIA Motors Europe summed up the evening of the Pan European Dealer Conference 2016 with: “Now we are ready for tomorrow”.