Hungexpo Virtual Event Studio

Hungexpo Virtual Event Studio

Hungexpo Virtual Event Studio


Hungexpo Budapest presents its newest service!

We dreamed our studio adjusted to the challenges of the 21st century, which creates a safe environment, with live coverage, unique event experience, flexible platform and convenience services for your events.

Stay connected is quite challenging nowadays for companies, so it is important that they can deliver their messages to the widest audience without any geographical and time limits as soon as possible.

The essence of our service is to help organizing conferences and company meetings in the online space: we make our customers’ events available anywhere in the world via live streaming.

We guarantee professional studio technology, experienced cameraman staff, full IT background, and we provide a lasting experience for virtual guests using the company’s image or the elements of a creative concept. Modern, flexible sound, light and visual solutions help us to broadcast events in the highest quality.

In the future, it will be also possible to use this digital platform as a complement to live events, helping your company to meet the challenges of the online world.

Take a look at our package offers and
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Dorottya LUGOSI
Sales manager
Phone: +361 263 6131

Sales manager
Phone: +361 263 6084