Catering units


Hungexpo’s elegant, still casual pop-up restaurant which awaits the Guests á la carte. This modern bistro themed restaurant is the favourite of visitors who enjoy high quality service, and exhibitors who prefer meeting at well set table.


Perfect choice for those who prefer traditional home made meals. Quick self-service restaurant with wide range of meal and beverage offering and seasonal delicacies.

Prestige Café

Offering of a coffe house in youthful environment with quick service. Exciting sandwich, salad and hot sandwich repertoire, excellent coffee specialities, accompanied by fruit and vegetable juices. When preparing the selection, special attention was paid to our Visitors with special needs, our sandwiches can be selected with gluten free bakery products, and our offer contains lactose free and vegan options as well.

Grill Buffets

Grill Buffets at the Passage offer classic fair delicacies freshly prepared in front of our Guests. Crispy roasts, grilled poultries with fresh salad, seasonal dishes – rich flavors and refreshing delicacies await the Visitors.

Food trucks and wooden cabins

Classic hungarian and rich international flavours tailored to the exciting themes of our events – deer burger, chimney cake, langalló, churros, pasta bar, fish frier and several delicacies for streetfood lovers.