Guests of honor

Every year at the Travel exhibition, we focus on a domestic and cross-border area, so that our visitors can gain a detailed insight into the beauties and specialties of the area.

Hungarian Guest of Honor:
Veszprém-Balaton 2023. European Capital of Culture

Royal past, lots and lots of stories, innovative and dynamic vision, colorful programs.

“The title of the European Capital of Culture was won by the Municipality of Veszprém, with the involvement of the institutions of the city and region, as well as non-governmental organisations and operators on the cultural scene. The Veszprém-Budapest European Capital of Culture 2023 (VEB2023 EKF) programme is based on the idea that our goals can only be achieved through the power of community. We strive to reflect together with institutions, non-governmental organisations and local governments in relation to all projects and events, while it’s also important to establish a single community of those interested in VEB2023 in order to shape the years ahead of us together. Throughout our projects, we are devoting special attention to social and environmental sustainability. We are making efforts in small steps, with an educational nature to develop a visitor-friendly approach, organise family-friendly events and minimize the environmental burden of our events.” – Aliz Markovits, CEO VEB2023 EKF.

Foreign Guest of Honor: Egypt

Ancient Empire, Monumental Buildings, Luxury Hotels – Visitors can get with Egypt’s beaches, scuba diving sites, historical cities and culture.

Egypt will be attending the Travel Exhibition for the first time as the foreign guest of honour as a beloved Hungarian vacation destination. Egypt has something to offer for all tastes with its World Heritage sites, impressive beaches and rich culture, breathtaking diving sites, exceptional landscapes and a range of other experiences just waiting to be discovered. Egyptian tourism combines sightseeing in cities, recreation and entertainment opportunities all year long.