Bakery and confectionary programs

Colorful shows and competitions at Sirha Budapest

In 2020 Sirha Budapest awaits the professional in two pavilions for the second time, so as the visitors have become accustomed to, companies in the bakery, confectionery and coffee sectors will present themselves in their own pavilion with own competition stage.

Here, the professional partners of the exhibition, the Hungarian Bakery Association and the National Trade Corporation of the Hungarian Confectionery Industry will organize numerous presentations, competitions and even conferences.

Hungarian Bakery Association

In order to raise awareness, the Hungarian Bakery Association is waiting for professionals and companies with presentations on refrigeration technologies.

During the one-day event, participants will be introduced to most of the forms and capabilities of refrigerated technology, from dough making to baking. This technology offers an efficient and inexpensive way for businesses to always keep a wide selection of fresh goods. In addition, the use of different refrigeration technologies can provide a solution to the problem of employment in the bakery industry, as production can be well planned, making the production more efficient.

In addition to the presentations, visitors can also receive product development suggestions and helpful ideas, while having the opportunity to speak directly with professionals and consult at the Bakery Association’s stand, as well as tasting the products produced throughout the day.

The knowledge gained during the presentations can make a significant contribution to defining the participants’ technological developments.

National Trade Corporation of the Hungarian Confectionery Industry

The association awaits confectionery professionals with high-quality professional programs in 2020 again at Sirha Budapest.

4 February 2020
Hall G – Stand F138

10.00 – Pataki János Memorial Competition

Confectionery product competition for adults and students in cake decoration, confectionery art and candy flower composition categories. The ornamental works can be viewed on all three days of the exhibition.

10.00-17.00 – Tasting of award winning Hungarian ice creams

Tasting of the award-winning ice creams of the recent “Ice Cream of the Year” competitions, as well as the European finals and world finals of the “Gelato World Tour” and “Gelato Festival” European ice creams

4 February 2020
Hall G – Conference Room

16.00 – Award Ceremony of Pataki János Memorial Competition results

6 February 2020
Hall G – Competition Stage

10.20 – Live lury of the Hungarian Cake 2020 Competition

The jury will be live in front of the professional audience. Each of these cakes will be displayed in showcases and can be viewed by the visitors. During the jury, competitors and visitors will be able to see and hear the evaluation of the entries, so they can draw inspiration for their own products from several valuable competition entries alongside the future winner. At the time of the evaluation, the makers of these cakes will be unknown to the jury and the public as well. Confetioners can follow the moderated event on the screens.

Presentation and tasting of ice cream specialties during the jury rounds of the Hungarian Cake:

11.30 – Demonstration of vegetarian ice cream specialties of the Damniczki Confectionery

13.30 – Presentation of Palmiro Bruschi, a lecturer at Carpigiani Gelato University, on how to make ice cream cake filled with poached fruit and Tokaji wine zabaione ice cream

15.30 – Presentation of chocolate ice cream specialties of Hisztéria Confectionery

After the shows, the ice creams will be offered to be tasted on the spot by visitors.

6 February 2020
Hall G – Competition Stage

16.30 – Award Ceremony of the Cake of Hungary 2020 competition

Sirha Budapest Dessert Competition

In addition to all above, the Sirha Budapest Dessert Competition will be hosted again on the stage of Hall G on 4th February, organized by Zoltán Kolonics, where young talent will test their skills on the first day of the exhibition.