A great success at the greatest Hungarian industrial muster at HUNGEXPO

May 18th, 2015

Visitors attended in greater numbers than last year, with a total of nearly 15 thousand visitors, at the Industry Days, MACH-TECH exhibition to witness the pinnacle of the machinery industry (and its closely related industries). Between the 12th and 15th of May, world brands, multinational corporations, domestic and foreign small and medium sized enterprises presented their technical innovations at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre, bringing several tons of machinery (from smaller robots to CNC hydraulic press brakes) for the inquiring minds of the audience.

More firms provided visitors with a glimpse into their industrial activities than ever before, with a total of 385 companies from 19 countries. Some countries - including Taiwan, Germany and Austria - operated a community stand with companies presenting their technology with the support of the country in question.

"Industry is the motor of the Hungarian economy. 130 thousand new jobs were created in the sector since 2010 with a higher than average increase of industrial wages in the last 4 years. The government would like to continue this process in the years to come," said Sándor Czomba, state secretary for employment and training of the Ministry of National Economy at the exhibition's opening ceremony. The politician added: the Hungarian growth rate statistics are exceedingly good since the industry grew by 11 percent in March, whilst the average growth rate in the European Union was 2 percent. He reminded listeners of the governmental target of raising the industry's GDP share by 2020 from the current 23 percent to 30 percent.

Gábor Ganczer,  CEO of Hungexpo Zrt. also stressed at the opening ceremony that the Hungarian industry continues to expand and Hungary has become one of Europe's most rapidly growing industrial countries. He stressed: the companies present at the fair aren't merely exhibiting their goods, but rather ushering in future industrial developments and technological solutions which the industry will utilize in 3-4 years times.

The exhibition's high level of professional quality is well illustrated by the fact that 6 candidate firms received the GRAND PRIX award, 1 firm received the Special prize award and 6 firms received a Letter of Recognition from the members of the professional jury. At the opening, the winners received the GRAND PRIX award for the most outstandingly innovative products.


Flexman Robotics Kft.: MOTOMAN ArcWorld compact arc welding robotic cell with "Kinetiq teaching” training options

Froweld Kft.: FRONIUS TPS/i – TRANS PROCESS SOLUTION // MÍG/MAG consumable electrode welding machine

Linde Gáz Magyarország Zrt.: EVOSTM Ci. actuating arm industrial gas canister valve

Pure Air Kft.: A.Smoke 5 compact oil smoke filter

Weidmüller Kereskedelmi Kft.: u-remote IP20 intelligent I/O connection interface

Werth Magyarország Kft.: i-Robot, robotic 3D laser scanning device supported with measuring software

The Application Zone –Future’s Factory event, based on a new concept, proved to be highly successful this year. The practical demonstrations provided viewers with, amongst other things, a tablet displaying virtual 3D images, a biometric work time registration system, CNC training software (with 3D simulation), unique robotic programming, a 3D printer for metals, presentations on history and milestones of automation and robotics and a measuring system entering values directly into (data recording) software.

Students from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Kecskemét College, the University of Miskolc, the University of Óbuda, the Szent István University and the István Széchenyi University participated in the Techtogether – GTE - MACH-TECH competition for machine technology university students. The competition was won by the "Bánki 2" team of the University of Óbuda. 

HUNGEXPO is still dedicated to facilitating the marketing communication processes of the domestic economy by organizing professional fairs for the market participants of the region. In October of this year,  AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY AND AUTOTECHNIQUE-AUTODIGA is listed in the schedule of industrial exhibitions. The next Industry Days will take place between 24-27 May 2016.